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Born in New Hampshire, Krystal began performing music when she was just 4 years old. 30 years later, she moved to Nashville to pursue her country music career. She began focusing on songwriting, penning songs for non charitable organizations like The Voices of Hope, collaborating with producers and singers to create Olympic anthems and songwriting for international artists. From an early age, Krystal entered a career as a national gymnastics competitor and coach. She has combined her to passions in life, music and gymnastics, moving from her small beach town in NH to Music City, becoming head coach and team director at a gymnastics gym during the day and performing in some of the famous venues in Nashville at night. She truly lives a double life, with her time spent doing what what she loves best and making time for both passions.

The development of this unique lifestyle is the result of a lifetime of musical influence. Growing up in a talented musical family meant that Krystal was always surrounded by different forms of music. Her father was a musician also, teaching Krystal some basic chords on his Stratocaster. Her parents exposed her to a wealth of music and sport as a child, all of which influenced her development. She became determined to develop instrumental skills focusing on the guitar at 13, a decision which she never looked back from. She began song writing at 12 and by the time she was 16 years of age, Krystal produced and recorded her first solo album.

A melody is like seeing someone for the first time. The physical attraction. But then, as you get to know the person, that’s the lyrics. Their story. Who they are underneath. It’s the combination of the two that makes it magical.
— Music & Lyrics Movie

After realizing that making music was her main goal, she began to showcase her talent in various venues across New Hampshire, playing at numerous gigs, collaborating with others and getting involved in the musical community. She became well known around NH for her musical talents as musical requests poured in. But although her name was continuing to grow, it was not here that she was destined to become a star. Krystal decided to move to the home where fame and country music lived - Music City Nashville, TN.

It was here Krystal's musical ambitions continued to grow, aided by the sounds of country music all around her, and famous country star names in lights. Even though she was miles away from her home, Krystal still maintained her musical relationships within NH and Boston especially with charitable organizations like The Voices of Hope. Krystal created a moving theme song for this wonderful organization. The theme song was targeted to people who have been effected by personal experiences with Cancer in families - "Ordinary people, on an extraordinary mission". It is VOH's mission to aid in the fight against Cancer by raising their voices in song. Through songs and musical productions, they celebrate those they love, remembering those they have lost, honor those who fight, and rejoice and celebrate those who survive. With music as their voice, they raise awareness and support to those who conduct research and create the hope of finding a cure for generations to come. To date, VOH has donated close to 1 million dollars in support of Cancer research. In 2013 Voices of Hope began supporting the new Henri and Belinda Termeer Centre for Targeted Therapies at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Centre.

With the success of her charitable collaboration, Krystal collaborated once again, to create a theme song called "A Child's Voice" for Child Voice International. ChildVoice International was born in April 2006 after visits to Uganda revealed the hidden horrors of a long-running war. The Lord’s Resistance Army has staged a 20-year rebellion during which it has sustained its forces by kidnapping children and forcing them to become soldiers, forcing them to march through the bush and carry out acts of brutality on villagers across Northern Uganda.The vision of ChildVoice is to bring hope to these devastated communities by building assets in the children and youth who are the foundation of their countries’ future. 

Krystal's passion for music grows each day, but her passion for gymnastics follows. In 2016 Krystal collaborated esteemed producer Marty Walsh (Supertramp member and a session musician for Leanne Rimes, Dolly Pardon, John Denver, Dionne Warwick, Donna Summer, Neil Diamond, Kenny Rogers, Air Supply, Eddie Money) and singer Juliette Goglia to produce an anthem for the Olympic Gymnastics team "It's Our Time". Juliette Goglia, an American actress known for her roles in CSI and The Michael J. Fox Show, brought the song to life with a music video that shows the passion, hard work, and drive of of the sport of gymnastics.

Krystal still lives in Nashville today, where she mentors young girls as a competition team coach and manager at a gymnastics facility full time. She has close musical network including some Nashville publishing companies in which she is blessed to collaborate, pitch her songs to, and perform alongside. She is happiest when she is singing and she feels most alive when her words resonate with others. She is blessed to do the two things she loves most in the world every day and is excited to see where this new journey takes her. 

Keep the Faith, Love the Music
— Krystal

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