Headin On Down to the Place Where I've Been Led...

Led...as in heavy...stuck...absolute...yes this move is really happening...  
 Hey, hey to all 2 of you who decided to sneak a peak at whatever it is I have to say. Not sure why I hated blogs before...this is so cool. I can write anything I want and the entire internet will have record of it for the rest of my life...SOLID.

So I'm a songwriter, on a journey to the south. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know. Songwriter moving to Nashville. Very original. Well, all of you that decided to actually read this blog can hear all of the gruesome details of my move before all the other 2 people that read this. And then, all 4 of you can talk about how stupid I am to be almost 33 years old and leave everything I've ever known behind...go ahead...talk among yourselves.

So. Yes, I'm moving to Nashville. I made the decision in 2016 when slowly piece by piece of my "normal everyday life" was being stripped away from me. It was a rough year, but when I sat back and realized what God was doing in my life, I never realized that it could be so blatantly obvious. This path has never been more clear than anything I've ever seen in my life. And that is the reason for starting this blog.

I want to map out the journey. I want to remember what the purpose was behind my move. I want to look back at this first entry when I am frustrated, or I don't think my writing is going anywhere and remind myself why I started. I also want to remind people that sometimes when you are going through times that you don't understand, it's really God lining up the rest of your life. We may not understand whats happening in the moment, but God always has a plan. This is His plan. His path for me. And I can't wait to bring you all along for the ride.

Keep the Faith, Love the Music~