Gettin Set Up Ya'll

Hey Ya'll

I'm writing this sitting at Newark Airport... Which has significantly cleaned up since the last time I was here years ago... I try to avoid it.

I'm sitting across from a gentleman with purple hair and a guitar case. And flight attendants are talking to some famous person across from me that I do not recognize. Probably because I can only see the back of her head. But their conversation is quite forced and awkward. I guess that's something I never really got. That star truck vibe. Never had it. Ok...maybe once when I met Shannon Miller but I promise that was it.

Anyway. So many things have happened in the past 6 months. Planning, preparing...ahhh who am I kidding. I've literally done none of that. I'm on my way to Nashville for 4 gymnastics interviews for head coach or director positions and that's about as far as I've gotten when it comes to "planning". I have set up two apartment showings. One is in a mansion with a pool and hot tub. YES PLEASE 😍 Although I haven't heard back about their exact address sooooo....that outta be interesting. I could see it now, knocking on doors " Hey there are you the people with the ballroom entry and pool and hot tub renting out a room? I swear I'm not a psycho". Yep. That would happen. The other guy I'm meeting at a coffee shop down the road from his house. Ummm dude...this isn't a date. You don't have to schmooze me first, let's just get to it. However...I totally get not letting a stranger into your home until you've approved their personality.

I have a long lost friend in Nashville! I met this guy through my church missions trip one of my best friends lead on and she told me "he is the male version of you". I thought how can that be true...I'm one of a kind! So I hadn't met him yet but about a year later he came down to the church with the missions leader of the Haiti trip and I met him. He really was like me. We have so much in common it's actually quite scary. So I get to see him while I'm visiting since he moved to Nashville!

Anyway, now I'm finally getting on my connected flight. So I bid you good bye. I am sure we'll talk soon ;)

Keep the Faith, Love the Music,