Maren Morris, Drake White and Crumbs...

Ahhhhh BNA(Nashville Airport Code)...

7...the number of people all around me connected on their phones in the airport. Charging stations. Seems like a place I would need to hold up a red sheet and await for a bull to charge. That was just a large gentleman. He actually was gentle. A mexican looking gent sitting next to me asked if I would watch his ipad (charging) while he went to the bathroom. It wasn't a suitcase so I said "yeah sure" but secretly I was sweating bullets because to be honest...that could have been an iBOMB. When he came back he turned to the African American man to the right of him and said, "no offence sir...I am not racist or anything...she was just here first so I thought I'd ask her." We all had a laugh...was that funny though?

I helped a 75 year old turn her phone to airplane mode to show her it charged faster. Every time I looked over at her she had bumped into the charger so that is was falling OUT of the wall. I just kept smiling and pointing to it. She smiled back and rolled her eyes. That women is TOTALLY me in 40 years. To my left a guy brushed off the table I was at, looked at me and proceeded to sigh loudly enough for me to hear through his headphones. DUDE...that wasn't my meal, not my crumbs. I'm just in my own little corner of the world...staring at my phone like all ya'll.

Southwest retweeted my compliments of their staff. They asked me to let them know if I needed anything...I'm wondering what this includes. Cause right about now I could use a massage, a million dollars, and some deodorant for the guy sitting next to me. Mind you ALL of this was before the flight attendant accidentally threw tampon at me from her bag. That puppy flew. For those of you who are I did not catch it.

I feel bad for anyone in a middle seat. But I'm in my aisle seat slouching to the left so when I get to Nashville for choreography I hope the gymnast is lefty...

Leslie from All Sons and Daughters is on my flight. How'd I catch that? I looked for the only thing to catch my eye in an airport. A guitar. I immediately texted my partner in crime Cece whom we had met her together last time we were in Nashville together. Cece asked if I decided to sit next to her (Southwest has general first come/first serve seating and no one was next to her). I said no but got to that being on the verge of stalker-ish? I don't know. You guys tell me.

Anyway, by the time I actually GET the one drink I ordered on this plane I'm pretty sure I'll be landed already. What a nice surprise to my new employer. Oh hey! Ready for choreography. Don't mind the whiskey smell. If you can get over that...I promise, I'll do a great job.

Kidding...I ordered a ginger ale ;)

Also, Maren Morris is the smallest person I've ever seen. She got her double latte caramel bento mocha chucka lucka rootabagar crap drink right before my small black iced. She was talking about Little Big Town but I entered 1/2 way through the conversation so I have no idea what they (her and her apparent assistant) where talking about. Also I passed Drake White and his posse. How'd I know? Well have you SEEN the man...WOAH he's...handsome ;) Also, his posse were all wearing "Drake White" baseball caps sooooo yeah that gave it away. Also, Faith Hill has a twin...or I ran into her too. She is stunning...

Anyway so that was my last trip before my offiicial move. Although one of the parents at the gymnastics facility I will be working at, offered up her frequent flyer miles for me to make another trip in August but I wonder if she'll notice if I just book a flight to Prague instead?

Anyway,  so much more to tell you. Planes, Trains and Broken SUV's....coming soon.

Keep the Faith, Love the Music

PS: Drake White. Yes I'll marry you.