So I followed this guy to Nashville...

A new adventure has begun in my life and there is something really important on my heart that I wanted to share with y'all.

I always wanted to be a songwriter. Looking back  it's probably the ONLY consistent dream I've had for myself. But the timing to make the move to Nashville was never right for me. I always felt like I couldn't leave the kids I coached, or my family or friends, etc. In this time, my best friend had a beautiful daughter, my other best friend and sister has significant others. Everyone seemed to be taken care of.

The past year and a 1/2, my life started to basically just uproot itself. I didn't understand why some pretty terrible things were happening to me. My own life felt out of control. I left a job coaching kids I really bonded with after being their coach for 6 years. I was in a situation that conflicted with my morals and I needed to do the right thing and walk away. Then I was hired under false pretenses and fired soon after merely because of jealousy and a juvenile attempt to steal an athlete away from me.

As all of these things were happening, I was really angry. I was always a very hard worker. I was a good boss and a good employee. I couldn't understand why everything I worked so hard for was slowly being stripped away from me. Then there was the moment I remember throwing my hands up and screaming to God. Why are these things happening to me??? And then an overwhelming sense of calm came over me. This was God stripping all the things that held me here, away. It was in that moment I knew it was my time to move to Nashville.

I found a house and a job within the first trip down. Everything came together so easily. I prayed about timing, and a temporary job and I was blessed with both. But timing can be a funny thing. I realize now looking back, the reason it never felt like the right time? That was God keeping me here to meet certain people He wanted to bring into my life. So that WHEN the time was right, I would be armed with all the tools I needed to proceed down my further path. 

Where the timing can sometimes feel so perfect, sometimes other things happen that can throw it off. You are forced to think about things again. And again. And REALLY dig deep and try to figure out what God is trying to say to you. Sometimes it's a test. 

The bottom line. God has a plan for me. I'm going to let Him lead me. It's time for me to follow. Today...I followed Him to Nashville.

Keep the Faith, Love the Music
Krystal 👣🙏🏼 🎶