Circus comes to town. No...literally...

So I wanted to keep everyone "in the loop" about my day to day here. And I have been living in Nashville for month now but I want to rewind to the beginning of my life here in Nashville.

As you know I'm not just in town for music, although that IS my motivation for being here. I have landed an incredible job as the Director of a gymnastics facility and work closely with the owners of the gym.

So when I heard that there were some guys coming in to train in the morning from the company Cavalia (Cirque Du Solei) show "Odysseo", I knew I had to come in early to check them out! Odysseo is playing under the largest big top tent in the world which happens to be in Nashville. In exchange for tickets (all the staff went before I arrived), they were given the gym to train some of the newer guys. They were all over the trampoline and tumble trak learning the choreography. Definitely something awesome to watch. The guy who was there training the other two, him and his wife actually perform together. Can you imagine that? How romantic bahaha They were all from Brazil. Super friendly and shape :) He and I actually have mutual coaching friends in Rhode Island. Such a small world!!! I FINALLY got to see the show. It was unlike anything I've ever seen. 60 trained horses choreographed with beautiful acrobats, people running and bouncing with these springy things strapped onto their feet, and they'd bounce over the horse course but then the horses would go, and the jumps would get higher and higher. There was a carousel that the acrobats would be hanging off the poles and oh my goodness I can't even explain it. You HAD to be there. They are heading off to LA soon, and hopefully NYC after that (if they can find the room to put this tent!). We have a nice dinner planned and a send off for the boys this week to say goodbye.

So back to my very first day of work, my boss hit my brand new car in the parking lot. Not cool. But she was so scared to tell me. She goes "we need to talk" and grabbed my elbow and lead me outside. Talk about butterflies! I thought I was fired or something. NOW what did I do? But they were so nice about it, saying how they're gonna fix it right up as if it were brand new. I thought to could be worse.

Katie and Janelle were here to help me get settled into my new house. Rafi, my roommate, was super cool all weekend helping us, brought us coffee, took us out to two really awesome restaurants. One was a speak easy. Hidden, you wouldn't really know it was there. But the line to get in was NOT fun. Very long wait. Probably about an hour. The cool thing about it? There is a rule. NO MAN can approach a women unless she approaches them first. Very...different. 

We then went out to sushi, and then karaoke. This wasn't your "normal" karaoke where people hurt your ears and everyone laughs at them and tells them how AWESOME it was. This was a "if you get up there and hurt people's ears, they will hate you and kick you off stage". Like I've said before...EVERYONE can sing. And not just a little, they are all super talented. So this was intimidating. It was my first time singing Karaoke in Nashville. Of course Janelle wanted me to sing Alanis Morsette so...I did. People dug it. I should hope so because I will NEVER get in front of anyone in Nashville and make a fool out of myself when it comes to music. As they say around here..."SOMEONE IMPORTANT IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY IS ALWAYS LISTENING". It's WAAAAAAAY intimidating.

Ok well this blog isn't really as funny as my others. Although I will say one thing. I started the Whole30 again, and I'm miserable. 😩

Keep the Faith, Love the Music