What does Lee Brice, Florida Georgia Line, and Jason Aldean all have in common?

It's Tuesday night. I had my first day back at work after being home for a beautiful wedding, and The Voices of Hope's fall gala. Please read about them in my previous blog!!!

General thoughts are running through my mind.

1. I'm exhausted.

2. I feel like I've been back home more than I've actually been in Nashville.

3. It's now bordering "weird" to me that "home" is now somewhere else.

4. I don't feel settled in at all since I've been back and forth 2 times in the past month.

5. I really miss the kids I'm coaching.

6. Music. Music. Music...I'm coming for you and it starts....WEDNESDAY!

Y'all...I'm SO excited for Wednesday! In order to explain WHY I'm so excited, I probably need to back it up a little bit. Let's rewind to Friday September 22nd. It's 9:01am and I'm sitting in a parking lot/driveway of this little nondescript house. I've got butterflies in my stomach not because I'm nervous but because I have NO idea what to expect. You see, I am currently sitting in my car awaiting the owner of this studio to come and meet me!

He arrives, he has a presence about him. He's firm, yet friendly. He apologizes for being a few minutes late "after all it is early for us musicians". I thought that was funny. I say "Yeah but isn't it always the guitar players that are running late?" Haha we both laughed as we introduced ourselves and got right in to make some coffee in the studio kitchen. Yes, the studio, when you walk in, is more than a studio. There are living room style rooms to relax in, an entry way with the secretaries desk. Then you've got the kitchen area, and two recording rooms. He makes me some coffee and brings me back into the larger studio. We sit down. The first thing he says to me "Ok Krystal. Tell me your story."

Now I can tell you what I said to him, I can go into details, I can be boring, I can say things you wouldn't believe. I could tell he's been doing this a long time. Nothing surprised him. In fact, he had some amazing insight for me that made me more confident in my ability as a songwriter. So instead of go into details about what I said, I'd like to share with you how he made me feel.

He wanted to know my story? You mean he wanted to know about me and my music? Why I make music? Why I decided to move to Nashville, what my goals and dreams were and what I was trying to accomplish at HIS studio. He actually wanted to know. He was genuine. He was attentive. He acted like he actually cared.

I sat with him for 3 hours. By the end of our chat, he said he was impressed with my attitude towards my goals and he was impressed with the fact that I was coming in asking for help instead of acting like I knew everything. haha I suppose he's had a few of those people....He said that I should call myself a "lyricist" because Nashville is very lacking when it comes to lyrics. "People will flock to you as soon as they realize you can write lyrics like this". I was taken aback AND VERY thankful for his kind words. It gave me...encouragement I so needed at this point in my life.

By the end of our meeting he wanted to produce my first song. He gave me some suggestions to make  the song better, picked one he thought I should start with and guess what...TOMORROW I RECORD MY FIRST NASHVILLE DEMO! The plan right now is to record a 6 song EP to which he would help me pitch.

2 weeks after meeting him, I received an email from his assistant telling me that she was excited to meet me because apparently he was impressed and told everyone at his studio about me!

I'm so excited. I'm gonna try and Facebook Live the session but...we shall see ;) Oh and the answer to the title of this blog post? My new producer!

Keep the Faith,  Love the Music