Female Music Nation meets Krystal Polychronis

Who are your musical influences? 
If you were to look at my iPod, you’d say it has A.D.D. You never know what will play next. Anything from Faith Hill to Queen to Michelle Branch, to Beach Boys, Journey, Whitney Houston, Jason Mraz, Train, Goo Goo Dolls. But if I had to pick one artist that made me want to be a songwriter, it was definitely Jewel.

When you are not working on music what are you working on? 
Is there anything else? Haha I am a Professional Gymnastics Coach by day/night and I’m usually traveling to competitions 1/2 of the year!

How has Nashville helped you grow as an artist? 
The People!!! I have met so many musicians, now friends and mentors who truly push you to become better at your craft. I have been very lucky to be working with a publishing company, who doesn’t just give me the lines I need to make my songs better, but coach me to get TO those lines in order for me to become better on my own. Those meetings are priceless to me. However, I wouldn’t have been able to work with these people, if I didn’t step out of my comfort zone and play out around town. Music Row is scary and amazing at the same time, and putting yourself out there, you never know who will take interest in your work. I would also say that Nashville has opened my eyes to the kind of people you want to work with. For me, networking has always been a strange, almost selfish way to go about “making your way” in the industry. But Nashville has opened my eyes to show the difference between doing it the right way, verses the wrong way. How you choose to network with people and how you choose to develop those relationships is going to take you way further than any talent alone can get you. You should always go into it with the mindset of; “what can I do for this person” instead of “what can this person do for me?” or simply; What can I learn from this person, and how can I grow from this experience? I always go into everything with that in mind. I call it “Networking with a selfless heart”. Also, Nashville has further inspired me to continue to learn. Once we find a little bit of success, we can sometimes hang up the learning tools. There is ALWAYS something more in which we can learn and grow. It’s exciting in Nashville because it seems most of the artists successful or not, are always looking to do the same.

Where are you from and one thing you miss most about it? 
I grew up in Rochester, NH but moved at the age of 20 to Hampton Beach New Hampshire which is where my parents are now located. I call that Home. The ONE single thing I miss more than anything are my parents and my sister. I never went away for college, so I look at this as my time away from home. Its harder to do when you’re older. You miss the things that you take for granted everyday. Hmmm…sounds like a song. Also, I miss the OCEAN!

Fun Fact about you!
I wrote a song for the Rio Olympics Gymnastics team in 2016 which was in fact accepted by NBC. I had a young Disney Channel actress sing the track. You may also know her from “The Michael J Fox Show” as she played Michaels daughter. Her name is Juliette Goglia, and her voice was perfect for the song. It also features National Gymnastics Team members Amelia Hundley and Lexi Priessman. Amelia went on to place 11th at Olympic Trials. Needless to say, you probably never heard it, because they chose a Katy Perry song instead. 

You can find the music video online by clicking here